Harvest Straws fulfill their purpose – then return to the growing cycle

Sip through a straw, and your troubles can flee your mind as you bring that cool drink to your lips.  But what if you know that very straw you are using is a form of trouble itself, a piece of plastic refuse that will never be recycled and will pollute our precious earth for decades to come?

That’s something more and more people are coming to realize, that something as common and pervasive as a plastic straw is so much more of a problem for our planet than ever imagined. And that’s a problem we aim to solve – with something as simple as a straw made from, well...straw!

Harvest Straws, being all natural grain stalks, do not pollute our environment like plastic straws. In fact, they enhance the environment.


Our Harvest Straws are supported by key Environmental Groups

Kiss the Ground  |  Surfrider Foundation  |  Ocean Friendly Restaurants  |  Plastic Pollution Coalition  |  and more!